Spatial Perspectives Speakers Confirmed and Panel Chairs Announced

**Spatial Perspectives Speakers Confirmed and Panel Chairs Announced**

We are delighted to announce the confirmed panel speakers and panel chairs for the fourteen panels running at the Spatial Perspectives: Literature and Architecture, 1850-Present conference at the University of Oxford, 22 June 2012.

Chairs: Tim Abrahams, Sally Bayley, Rebecca Beasley, Simon Grimble, Owen Hatherley, Ayla Lepine, Douglas Murphy, Matthew Reynolds, Tessa Roynon, Julie Taylor, Will Viney, Eric White

Keynotes: Deyan Sudjic, Director of the Design Museum, London

Prof. Douglas Tallack, Professor of American Studies and Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University of Leicester

Writing the Architect / Writers that Build

Speakers: Barrie Bullen, University of Reading; Harry Charrington, University of Bath; Jane Anderson, Oxford Brookes University and Colin Priest, Chelsea School of Art

Literature / Architectural Discourse

Speakers: Peter Kellow, Architect; Wang Qi, University of Nottingham; Darren R. Deane, Manchester School of Architecture

Urban London

Speakers: Henderson Downing, Birkbeck; Victoria McNeile, Independent Scholar; Matthew Ingleby, UCL

Modernism / Literature / Architecture

Speakers: Scott Freer, University of Leicester and David Fensome, Independent Scholar; R. John Williams, Yale University; Paul Haacke, University of California, Berkeley

Race / Postcolonial – Architecture and “Otherness”

Speakers: Adrienne Brown, University of Chicago; Kimberly Juanita Brown, Northeastern University; Dominic Davies, University of Oxford

Pen and Ink: Representing the Built Environment

Speakers: Fiona Curran, Slade School of Fine Art; David Short, University of Nottingham; Julian Ferraro, University of Liverpool

Reading the Domestic Interior

Speakers: Antony Buxton, University of Oxford; Rebecca Devers, New York City College of Technology (CUNY); Amanda Leigh Davis, University of Chicago

Building Stories / Translating Spaces

Speakers: Rosa Ainley, Writer / Artist; Siân Thomas, Poet; Edward Hollis, University of Edinburgh

Mapping the City

Speakers: Claudine Gélinas-Faucher, McGill University; Angeliki Sioli, McGill University School of Architecture; Thomas Kohlwein, Vienna University of Technology

Textual Spaces / Spatial Texts

Speakers: Betiel Wasihun, University of Oxford; Esra Almas, University of Amsterdam; Rachele Dini, University College London

Shifting Modernisms: Spaces of Transition

Speakers: Emma Short, Newcastle University; Rebecca Roberts-Hughes, King’s College London and Policy Manager RIBA; Sarah McGaughey, Dickinson College, PA

Form, Representation and Poetry

Speakers: Susan Jaret McKinstry, Carleton College, MN; Greg Thomas, University of Edinburgh; Yasmine Shamma, University of Oxford

Glass Houses: Utopias / Dystopias

Speakers: Nathaniel R. Walker, Brown University; Neal Shasore, University of Oxford; Rachael Stanley, University of Nottingham

Architectural Fictions

Speakers: Claire Jamieson, Royal College of Art; Lisa Mullen, Birkbeck; Jennifer Johnson, University of Oxford

Click here for the Spatial Perspectives Conference Abstracts

Click here to read the speakers’  BIOGRAPHIES

Registration is open until Monday 11 June 2012.

Please register here

Registration is £35 and includes tea and coffee, lunch and wine reception.

The conference is organised by Terri Mullholland and Nicole Sierra from the University of Oxford.  If you have any queries, please contact us at:

This event is supported by the Faculty of English Language and Literature, University of Oxford and Jesus College, University of Oxford.

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